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Does your home need a tune-up? Are you too cold or too warm? Are your bills through the roof? It's time for an Energy Upgrade!


We'll do the detective work and provide you with a customized action plan

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Ready for a remodel but want to make it as green as possible?


We'll work with you to make sure your needs are met within your budget, while preserving our planet for future generations.

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Want to green your home, but not ready to make it your hobby?


With the help of Green Irene, we'll go through your home to find out what you are and aren't doing to reach the level of "green" that you're comfortable with.

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sustainable home


mom & pop

Do you or your family suffer from respiratory problems or unexplained illnesses?


We'll help you identify all the factors in your home that contribute to ill health, including polluted air and electro-smog.

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Do you feel like you're going against the current? Is it difficult to reach your goals?


We'll map the energetic flow of your home and how it relates to your energy pattern. We'll help you bring the energy back into alignment.

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